without coaching prepration of ssc| How to crack with coaching

How to crack ssc exam without coaching :- Hello friends after completing graduation everyone has a dream to crack ssc exam, But it is not that much easy to crack we all know it. There are many students who are not financially strong that they can join coaching classes for ssc, Most of us want a job just after completing the graduation. Remember you always need much more effort if you want to crack ssc or bank po. Don’t be afraid because we are going to tell you some tips which surely helps those Bright students who want there dream job in ssc field. First thing which you have to remember that motivation and hard work are the two main things which can crack any exam not matter it is SSC or UPSC, i have seen many people who crack ssc very easily even in a short period of time. If you don’t have much more talent as other intelligent students have then don’t worry if you regularly study then surely the exam will be clear.


How to Crack SSC without coaching


  1. Be Motivated & Practice on regular basis :-

The first thing which you have to do is do practice on regular basic, If you a hard working person then your chance will also be increased in ssc for sure, One more thing which we want to say you right now is that students do double hard work in university examination but when it come to job Many of them don’t even focus for the first time, However it does mean that there is no competition in the market but it is confirm that if you prepare from today then within next 6 months you can get your dream Job


2. Catch Easy things first| & Make them your strong point 

we all have different brains and different mindsets due to which our points to catch different subjects are also different. Some of you catch mathematics fast, some of you catch Reasoning or English. So any of the subject which you feel that you can do little more better than other so start preparing from that subject. Remember try to ignore easy question that you know everything, But start preparing day by day so that you can easily do your best. when you fully prepared your Strong part then do you best on those subject which are not good.


3. Learn From You tube videos

Remember people often use you tube for entertainment but it can also be used to your study purpose, there are many channels on you tube in which teachers are teaching there students, I have personally saw many you tube videos for my Bank Po coaching. it can be a good step for you so i think you have to follow this.


Preparation of ssc without coaching

4 Believe in You self  & Don’t loss hope

The last but not the least message which we all want to give you is that never loss your hope if you really want to be a govt officer for sure. You will face a new challenge in you life so if you afraid of them world will think you smaller, whenever you loss your hope think about those person who are succeed or think those who can make your motivated, I personally thought about a Lion, like like him.


Thing Which Should Be follow or remembered 

  • The first thing which you have to do is Never sit on society of those people who loss your hope. People just say that there is too much competition in ssc so that you will never able to crack


  • If you are Mentally strong then you can crack any exam in this india, I personally notice that when a intelligent person sit near you, a new hope and motivation also come in us, That the main thing which i want to say to everyone that change your society could you life as well.


  • Another thing which you should know is that practice regular both online and offline, Try to buy a Test series and then with the regular practice you can able to crack the exam very easily.


  • And at the last we also want to say that Don’t focus on single Exam now a day. if you really indeed govt job then fill the form of various examination and then give them. Jobs of Intelligence buro, as well as bank po. These jobs are also better than any exam. May be you want to go to ssc but if you clear these one then it ins’t bad. So these are the main information which we collect about how to crack ssc with out coaching.

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